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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw Enforcement & Police · 1 month ago

I am 17, and have been charged with 3 things (stated below) ?

The charges are: 

Theft under 5000

Possession of property obtained by police

Obstruction of peace officer 

And a few tickets for being intoxicated in public. 

Yes I know it was a stupid decision and yes I am totally kicking myself in the *** for it. Wrong group of friends ended me up in a bad situation. Please don’t put me down I understand what I did was very stupid. But my question here is 

First of all I am in CANADA, I am charged under the juvenile act as I am 17. I know court can be dragged on for months and is not a short process. But I am 18 in 5 months (4 months in March the date of my first appearance.) and I was wondering if the court is still being dragged on by the time I’m considered an “adult” if they can still charge me with it under the juvenile act as I was 17 the time I did it. My mom said they have to figure out the consequences before I’m 18 as for I wasn’t an adult when the incident happened and here in canada when you are 18 your criminal record gets sealed. So I was wondering if anyone had any idea as for if they would have to figure this out before I turn 18. Ty for you answers and please no negativity I know I messed up and am 100% regretting my actions. 

I will be having cmha on my side due to some mental health issues and duty counsel if that helps anything 


This also is my first offence

4 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Perhaps your questions would be easier to answer if you remembered what you posted previously.  I do notice that the facts have changed in the past week.  Odd when that happens.

    Yes, you can be charged as an adult.  Is that your question?  It's at the Crown's discretion.

    Your first offense?  It's more than one offense.  The Crown will note that.  I'd be armed with reports from my mental health therapist/Physician.  It would be better to be hospitalized and evaluated than be in prison.

    Your sealed record is NOT sealed from every background check.


    You will not be granted entry into the US with these charges pending and, very likely, after they are resolved (your other question).

    And what happened to your lawsuit against the Police Officers who left you battered and bruised for no reason at all (other question)?


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  • 1 month ago

    Luckily for me I majored in law when I was in both college and university, so I can give you some insight here:

    1- First off it doesn't matter if you are a young offender, the fact that those charges carry up to 2 years in jail, it means the crown can elect to decide you as an adult. It doesn't matter if a person is 12 or 17, the crown does indeed have that option.

    2- Secondly, the crown bases how to proceed based on the age at when the charges were actually filed, not waiting until the first court date! I would say because you were 17, and they were non-violent offences in nature, I would wager heavily that the crown will go with trying you as a youth, not an adult.

    3- I would say given these are again not violent offenses and this is your first time before the courts, that jail time will be off the table for you! Now that's not to say you won't be heavily sentenced, because you will! I think the judge will slap you with 3 years of probation (longest the courts can dish out), you are looking at fines, community service, and the judge might give you conditional sentence. A conditional sentence is when you are confined to your home 24/7 for up to 18 months for 24/7 and only being allowed to leave for a) medical appointments b) school c) some other emergency

    Good luck and I hope you did learn some valuable lessons here.

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  • 1 month ago

    Possession of property obtained by police

    You left out being a CLUELESS TROLL.

    Not only is that not an actual charge. It isn't even POSSIBLE.

  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Canada is NOTORIOUSLY lenient so I doubt you'll get into too much legal trouble (and I'm sure your juvenile record will be sealed).

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