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Have you traveled to Thailand? How was your experience? Any tips?

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    Yes, I have many times and now I live here.  My tip is beware of the women, traffic, people who get too friendly to fast, the rate of exchange of the baht, higher prices for foreigners.  Things are not as great as they once were.  They seem to hate us more now. Do not disrespect the King  Don't fall in love on the first night and never think a car is going to stop so you can cross at a crosswalk.   You will never finish your tour is you do.

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    not at all in my opinion

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    Get out of Khao Sahn Rd.

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    It was just another country to me. We visited mainly Pattaya. No hazards (pickpockets, street scams, etc), foods were normal, some peppery. Transport was different. Just get on a "tuk-tuk"- a pick-up truck taxi which runs a route, and pay when you get out. You ride in the back. You see one coming, just wave and it stops unless it is a hired car.

    Thailand is terribly hot and humid. You start wiping your brow 2-3 minutes after you go outside. We stayed in Pattaya Park Tower. Jump from the 56th floor. Cool, but you can't look well left and right, just ahead. (due to the harness you wear).

    Night markets are fun as it is cooler and more relaxing. Sato is a rice beer, but not a beer drinker's beer. Try it... sweetish! Lots of activities like 4 wheelers to go on safari.

    For those that like malls, there are many. 

    Exchange rate is higher for $50 and 100 rather than $20 bills and smaller.

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    Yes. I loved it. One of the best things I did was to take a cooking class. There were people in the class from Australia, the US, England and India. It was a lot of fun! The traffic in Bangkok is terrible, but the train is a good way to get around. 

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