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Rob asked in Business & FinanceInvesting · 1 month ago

Where to find investment for a Rent-To-Rent HMO business start up?

Hi all,

I just wanted to ask for advice as to where I may be able to find relatively fast investment (Probably either an Angel investor or a private investor) for a start up Rent-to-tent business I’m looking to start imminently?

 I’ve completed all of my research, sourced a property (Which is already a HMO), completed all my figures in terms of cash flow/returns but now just need to raise £10,000 in investment!

 I’m planning to grow the business rapidly and reach 4 properties by the end of the year, and have developed a business module where I can attain this whilst still offering a minimum of 50% ROI in year one, stretching up to 200%, growth dependent.

 I’ve developed the module in such a way that the investor can continue to receive this return on the whole portfolio opposed to just the first property in order both make it very low risk to the investor, but equally as they’ll be ultimately making this business possible, I feel it’s only right to built that relationship and for them to be rewarded accordingly!

 I’m unable to source this from friends/family/traditional financiers, however I’m hoping as this proposition is ready to go with all the planning and research done in addition to being fully managed by myself it may be a lucrative proposition to make!

 Where would be a good start in finding this investor in a short time scale before I lose this property? 

All advice is massively appreciated, and thanks in advance!

 I’ll happily discuss more detail if needed!

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