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I am in critical stage of my life?. I am into film industry. I am director.?

I am in critical stage of my life?. I am into film industry. I am director. I am doing ad films and branding. after many years of sufferings, handwork I have got the opportunity to do an ad film for famous brand. at the initial stage everything went well. in shooting time few technical and unexpected issues happend. but we managed to complete it. unfortunately budget went high.


Totally i have to give 3 outputs. but I had given 8 outs. when we had extra time I tried to take few small concept ads too. mean while client has released only an advance, when I asked additional money for shoot expenses they released only 20% and said after submission they will settle fully. meanwhile I have got calls and other pressure to pay all technicians and crews, cast and all. being a producer I was in the situation to settle their payments immediately. I borrowed money for huge interest

Update 2:

paid everything. I have to pay 15 days once to clear this private finance money. Now I have got stuck and I am unable to move forward. I am struggling to pay the interest and dues as per the commitment. I am unable to go to office. I am avoiding to see them. they came inside office and sit in sofa and asking money. I am finding reasons to say them every day morning before office hours for not coming to office. now its become regular I am unable to concentrate on anything. now I stopped working. 

Update 3:

I am running to arrange funds to close the finance now. and the client is not helping me. I am not able to complete the project without money. 

anyone can help me, how can close this?. How can i convince client to pay the real expenses?.

I have lost the confident and mind is keep on thinking to commit suicide 

2 Answers

  • Cogito
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    It sounds like you knew very little about the business before getting into it.

    Have you studied business management, accountancy, how the movie business works, etc?

    I'm sorry, but I'm guessing that you are now completely out of your depth.

    Committing suicide wold be the coward's way out.

    Sit down with a professional accountant and discuss your problems and see if he or she can advise you.

    But in future, you really need to learn all about a business before you get involved!

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  • 1 month ago

    Apart from all that, though, how are things generally?.......

    • Surya1 month agoReport

      means?. i am moving on and passing every day

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