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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 2 months ago

There's a child molester in my family?

my cousin told me she does not allow her father around her daughters because he molested our other cousin when she was 11 to the age of 14. i was shocked. my aunt chimed in to add that thats the reason she divorced him and asked do i remember her calling me, questioning whether or not he ever touched me inappropriately, in which i do remember because i answered YES, he touched my butt and my thigh once. The thing is, he still comes over my mothers house. i see him there all the time, he still is treated as family there.

i confronted my mother on how she would put me and my sister at risk when we were younger knowing this information and her reasoning is that there was no proof he molested my cousin and that she may be lying. but i believe my cousins life is proof, she was always the troubled one, constant depression and running away. My son is also over my mothers house a lot without me so i became furious. I'm also furious that as a child my aunt called me with concern if i was touched, but my mother never once asked me. Now i am not allowing my son over my mom's house without me, since i can not control who she welcomes in her home, and i dont know what he is capable of. i'm also furious that no one advocated for my cousin or gave this molester consequences. I am furious with my mother and other aunts and uncles who all knew. If i stop speaking to my mother all together, would that be extreme? I look at her different now, i feel that could of easily been me or my sister. 

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  • 2 months ago

    I smell a troll......

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  • You should report him.

    I was molested from a young age to early teenage by "father" and there were some in my family who knew something bad was going on, but did not do anything, so it continued, until I reported him at 21. He was still abusing one of my sisters at that time and so, that report stopped further abuse.

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