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I have written a picture book where a person speaks across several pages without stopping. What is the correct way to use quotation marks?

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  • 1 month ago

    Only when a person is actually speaking.

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  • Marli
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    The opening set of quotation marks is placed when the character starts speaking and at the start of each paragraph of his monologue.

    The closing set is placed at the end of the last sentence spoken by the character.

    --- I'd say "regardless of page" because a paragraph of conversation that begins on one page and is continued on the next does not have quote marks at the top of the page.

       I assume you have written a young child's picture book, so I also assume there is only one or two lines per page.  If the character says. "I am going to the zoo." and we see him walking through the gate, I think that's a complete paragraph as well as a sentence. We break to see the picture of him walking through the gate.  

    Next page: The character stands beside a lion's cage and says, "The lion is roaring for his dinner.  See his sharp teeth." We pause and look at the lion.

    The character is at the gate.  Then he is at the lion's cage.  We don't see him walking between the gate and the cage and we don't "hear" him while he is walking from the gate to the cage.  We assume he was not talking non-stop while he is walking.

    So, in that case, each page is one complete speech by the character. Each of his speeches gets an opening quote mark and an ending quote mark.

    If you have written a book in which there is an illustration in the middle of the page and the character's sentences are laid thus: one paragraph above the illustration and one paragraph below it that ends on the next page. The paragraph above the illustration has opening quote marks. The paragraph below the illustration has opening quote marks.  The sentence on the next page is part of the paragraph on the preceding page and do not get opening quote marks.

    • Brian2 months agoReport

      Regardless of page?  I know the quotations start at each paragraph and the end of dialog for standard writing.

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