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Bluetooth won't work?

my Bluetooth pairs to my headphones but plays threw the Chromebook speakers instead. it does this with all Chromebooks I try its not the headphones because I use them with my phone and my windows computer iv tried restarting it iv tried unpairing and repairing nothing seems to work even thou they say their connected it gives no drop-down menu and won't give me troubleshooting options.

1 Answer

  • Bort
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Just like in windows you have to select the audio device for playback. You also have to not only make sure bluetooth is enabled by pulling up the menu that appears after clicking on the time in the lower right and make sure the device is connected and bluetooth is turned on in the bluetooth settings. Bluetooth enabled and on/off are 2 different settings. Go in to the bluetooth settings. 

    These "instructions" aren't perfect but still might be helpful:

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