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Is it too soon to take a test?

Hi there,

Starting from 9th February, I had some brown/pink discharge for around 5 days, four days after having unprotected sex. I have fairly recently (16th January) come off the pill.

It has now been two weeks since, if I am pregnant, conception, and I was just wondering if this would make it too early to take a test (as I don’t know if I was experiencing implantation bleeding or not). I took one on 14th February, which was negative, but I’m aware it may have been too early. I’m actually due my period tomorrow (20th, since that’s when my last withdrawal bleed started).

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You can take a test the day after if you don't mind wasting the money.  If you want an accurate result, it's too early but you can still physically take a test.

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