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Renae asked in HealthOther - Health · 2 months ago

Magic Mushroom Side Effects, Help Please?

Hello all,

For the past two-three months I have been doing mushrooms religiously one day out of every weekend. I take 0.5-2.0g depending on what I’m doing that day. This past weekend I traveled to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico and took them. I had so much fricken fun I couldn’t believe it. Which is why Shrooms have been my drug of choice because they are so much fun. As always, when I come down I get like abnormally exhausted and have to take a 2-4 hour nap one-two days in a row after I do them. Also I sleep in during these weekends. Anyways that was the same normal thing for me, but now it’s the work week and I’m dizzy, disoriented, and exhausted like I’m still coming down from shrooms which has never happened before. I’m worried I have Serotonin Shock Syndrome. The only this is, those are the only symptoms I have. Another thing to mention is that I take a SSRI antidepressant throughout the week. I do take two days off the medication before I trip out though just to be safe. I know it’s bad but it’s never had this effect before, if it is the combination of my medication and the shrooms. I also recently had an ear infection so maybe it could be Vertigo? I’ve had vertigo before and I thought it was the weed I was smoking but it turned out to just be vertigo. I don’t know. It’s messing me up at work and school a lot though. It’s really bothersome. Any advice and or at home remedies anyone can give me? (Don’t worry, I’m not taking shrooms anymore for a while to see if it helps)

1 Answer

  • martin
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    It sounds like you've reached your limit and have to de-tox for a while.

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