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How to Stop being Negatively Affected by Jealous People all The Time in The UK?

Ross Mctaff is Jealous of my Grandad driving his Murk Outside College and they get Jealous about Inheriting Money from my Grandad when dies and Ross Mctaff said to me Premier League Footballers Wives are Gold Diggers What about Every Single Other League Footballers Wives I Constantly had to go on about The SPL has improved a Lot The French League is Easy Bundesliga isn't that good a League because I'm so so Pissed Off with what Ross Mctaff said my Mum is doing Properties and Sam Never gave The Certificates and Never gave The Money and Couldn't Afford it and Fellout with my Mum and my Mum is doing Properties ONLY for me because I Cannot get a Job in this Country I Always go to Lidl and Buy Paracetamols all The Time because I'm so so Frustrated in this Country all The Time Jamie Hannant Riz Nobody Never Ever Supports me in getting a Job and all of The Videos have been Deleted on YouTube and I can Never Ever Save them again on YouTube

1 Answer

  • martin
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Jealous people have a problem that annoys others. The only way to avoid being negatively affected is to avoid such people when they are in a jealous state of mind. Normal people can't help but be negatively affected by such jealousy.

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