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Does the JFK International Airport in New York City have a bad reputation?

I like to travel to New York City someday and arrive there through the JFK International Airport. However, I've heard many bad reviews about the airport about rude staff and uncleaniness. Even my mum doesn't care about going there.

I've seen photos of the airport and it seems ok. Really surprised to hear bad reviews about an airport named after a beloved President.

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  • 3 months ago
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    I use JFK all the time.  It's crowded which impacts the services, etc.  But it is not very different from many other large airports.  Newark (EWR) was a total dump the last time I went through.  It was many years ago and I hope they renovated but I still avoid it as it is not at all convenient for me in spite of sometimes dramatically cheaper fares.

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  • 3 months ago

    Are you talking about for a tourist destination or to use as an airport? If you are just flying in and out, then who cares what the people are like or whether it's dirty. You're not going to live there for a week. Most likely you'll be there for an hour. And no, it's not that bad but really, who cares? You'll still get on the plane and jet off to another location.

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  • A.J.
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    3 months ago

    Mega Airport Passenger Satistisfaction a 1000 point scale, the range of 19 Airports is 695 to 786 as not a huge difference, and JFK is about average in score. The Power Circles amplify the difference, where really no mega-airport is great. I'm in Las Vegas, a major tourist and convention hub, and although there are complaints about walking because of size, it's generally a decent airport.

    details affecting JFK:

    New York City metro has three major airports - JFK, Newark Liberty, and LaGuardia. By 2019 passenger counts, #6, #12, #21 in the USA. There are other airports in the area as well, and air traffic can be dense in the area. As a Northeast airport, weather affects the area also. As a coastal, even birds have affected JFK. Opened in 1948, and even if upgraded and modernized, it cannot keep up with newer airports designed for better passenger movement. Ground traffic at the airport by planes and around the airport is dense.  Further, JFK is an international gateway city airport and a domestic link. Very many people travel through JFK and movement of people is always a challenge, especially from international to domestic flights, and some will go to a different airport changing from JFK to another.

    New York City as people, from which most employees will live, is an extremely diverse city, but also culturally is known as rude. Sociologists studying it determined that it is because people there tend to speak and act like they do at home, where in most places, people are far more courteous and civil in public than at home. The people are more "real" than in other places, and Americans as a whole are less courteous than in other countries.

    The purpose of an airport is transportation. We use them to go from one place to another. They are not meant as social gathering places. High volume airports are difficult and JFK has additional issues. If looking to get into Manhattan, it is a good choice. Do proper research about the airport and how to do what you need to do.

    It is bad enough when circumstances cause travel changes and you really need help, then trying to find people at any large airport to direct you from place to place.

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