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why can you not post questions in specific countries anymore? (like South Africa, etc.)?

I remember before,( not sure when it went away btw, but when? ) they used to have a series of flags at the bottom before you posted a question and allowed you to select a specific country to post a quesiton in? do all people in the world come to just one "Yahoo Answers Site" now? or how do you post a question in a country that doesnt speak English?

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    You never could.

    Some years ago, what you did have as an option is to only see those questions that were asked by someone logged in through the same portal as you. This did not work well because

    - some people had no designated portal (e.g continental europe had not portal)

    - people signed in through whatever portal they could find

    - most people decided that for most questions the location is irrelevant, and chose "see all English questions" anyway

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    1 year ago

    not at all in my opinion

  • Sharon
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    1 year ago

    This is an international site. When you are using the English-speaking portals of Yahoo Answers you will see questions and answers from everyone no matter what country they are posting from.

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    Because Yahoo decided to combine all the English language portal questions into 1 site. Our opinion wasn't asked, but my guess is that a high enough % of users (at the time) were selecting the "All English language questions" option (not segregating the questions by which portal they were using), that it was assumed it would be easier to combine them all. There are still a number of YA portals for non-English language questions. Those are separate (you can find them by clicking the "International sites" link at the bottom right of any question page).

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    Click the international link at the bottom of the category list (main page) to see what is available. Some countries have been lost due to Yahoo (now Verizon) losing a big presence in those countries. If there was not profit, Yahoo did not stay. China may have been due to government interference.

  • Go to the subcategory of any subject and on the bottom left you will see international.  Click on that and select the country to post in.  Unfortunately, South Africa is not one of the countries.  Also, keep in mind that all English speaking sites and together.  If you post in English it will appear in all English speaking countries.  I.E.  England, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, the USA and so on.

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