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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicCelebrities · 1 month ago

Conspiracy theory; Is frank Sinatra real and are the Andrews sisters still alive? Or is time travel real?

I went to an event where there was a performance by a duet of frank Sinatra and Celine Dion? I thought frank Sinatra was long dead and Celine Dion went to the bottom of the Atlantic on the titanic.

There was also a performance by the Andrews sisters who I thought were dead. Is there some conspiracy theory where their deaths were faked by powerful priests, or does the CIA of the Illuminati have a time machine or some sort of powerful magic that could pull them out of the past for a concert?

What is going on here, are they dead or alive?


Did the titanic disaster ever happen? Is that all a big conspracy? I also looked up Celine Dion and some how she came back to life after going down on the titanic. Also she appeared to be in two places at once at the event i heard the duet of her and frank sinatra and she was also elsewhere on her own concert tour? How is this possible? Potential time travel? Why aren’t time machines available at Best Buy and in the electronics part at Walmart if they have been invented?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinatra, Jr and the Andrews sisters are all dead now.

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