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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 1 month ago

Would you date or marry someone who has had weight loss surgery?

I’ve been dating this guy for about 3 months now and he asked me if we could take our relationship to the next level on Valentine’s Day. I like him so I obviously said yes and today I figured it was time I tell him that I had weight loss surgery since things are getting more serious. He came over today and I told him in a very nonchalant way... something came up about fitness and I said yeah I had weight loss surgery a year ago. He goes on and says “really”and after that his tone immediately changed. He had to get back to work(he’s a personal trainer)so he ended up leaving 15 minutes after the conversation but I can’t help but to think I have ruined things I could tell in his tone that it bothered him. Maybe I told him too soon? Maybe not soon enough? I don’t know but I feel stupid and like he’s not interested anymore. He’s really into fitness and we met at the gym so maybe he now feels I’m lazy since people view weight loss surgery as the “easy way out.” I don’t know... maybe I shouldn’t have told him anything since it’s never came up while on dates or anything but I’m wondering if dating will always be this hard...are guys really not interested in girls who have had weight loss surgery? Is it a complete turn off?

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    I don't know if it's a turn off for him, but i guess it was all about health reasons for you, and about improving your health.

    If he doesn't see you anymore, then that's how it was supposed to work out. And if he doesn't, he's also a big douche!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think you are over analyzing things and you should talk about it more together when he is done work. Let him know how you feel and talk about his views on things. 

    But you answer your question, no. It would not bother me if my partner has had that in the past.

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