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Pls help my instagram account was disabled ?

So yesterday my instagram account was disabled to violation of terms of service even tho I posted little to nothing up there the most u could say was the stuff I messaged people about violated terms of service but they also messaged me and there messages would also violate terms or service or my bio might anyway I wanted to appeal it but I forgot email associated with the account and last time my account got disabled and I gave them a random email i never received a response so what do I do there is no way you can talk to instagram directly since they don’t respond to their number and email pls help 

1 Answer

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    1 month ago

    Without knowing any other information, are you old enough to be on instagram? The minimum age requirement is 13 years old. If you are under 13, then your account was disabled because you're underage.

    If you are not underage, did you have an inappropriate profile picture? An inappropriate profile picture could be something like nudity or something like a bloodied rabbit.

    If you are not underage and  did not have an inappropriate profile picture, then what types of messages did you send to people? If the messages are derogatory/abusive, then the messages are probably the reason your account is suspended.

    If you are still not sure as to what you did, then email Instragram. If you don't remember the email, you can't really do anything about it. The best you could do is just create a new account. Make sure you read the TOS so that you abide by their rules.

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