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Jesse asked in HealthMen's Health · 1 month ago

What's happens to your liver after you quit drinking alcohol for 3 months.?

I haven't drink any alcohol since Jan 11 and i went to the doctor on January 14th and they said my liver count was elevated TSH levels were above normal which was a 4.530 and i am supposed to be under 4.2 and they also my Cholesterol was pretty high at 227mg my ALT levels were at 61 which is above normal of 42 but my AST is normal which is 30 not over 33 and all my CBC levels are normal and my blood pressure was normal which was 122/85 and my weight was 155ibs and I'm a 5'7 26 year old male i have another Doctor's appointment for another blood test on April 15th 2020 so the doctor told me no alcohol told me to drink lots of water,exercise avoid eating fried foods .

4 Answers

  • Nick
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    it get very happy :)

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  • ron h
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    I dunno how much you've been drinking, but NOT drinking is good for your liver.  I didn't google the liver "levels" that you mentioned because you can do that.  At your age and height, your weight is probably just about right though we can't see how muscular you are to guess if you need to lose a (very) few lbs.  I can't think of anything to add to what your doc's told you.  Time will tell if the doc puts you on some kind of cholesterol med.  Someone mentioned that the liver can heal, which is true.  BUT there is a point when there's too much damage and they don't heal.  Unless you're a really serious boozer, I doubt that at 26 you've done life-changing damage. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    the liver regenerates

    the doc gave the right advice so

    please follow it >drink lots of water

    excercise like take early morning walks

    and avoid eating fried foods

    you will become brand new in six months

    Edit: no doc tells it, but the early morning

    fresh air has some magic in it for good health

    • Jesse1 month agoReport

      I do go for afternoon bicycle rides a couples almost a couple miles a day i do walk a bike a trail sometimes 4 miles 

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  • 1 month ago

    The liver is about the only organ in the body that actually recovers and regenerates, so abstinence should see you getting back to normal. 

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