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Joseph asked in SportsWrestling · 2 months ago

To celebrate black history month which are your favorite African wrestlers or African American?

Mine's are Kofi Kingston, Booker T, and R-truth, and The Rock, those are the only African wrestlers I am a fan of, even though i am not black.

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    Here's my top 10:

    1. The Rock

    2. Booker T

    3. R-Truth

    4. Kofi Kingston

    5. Rocky Johnson

    6. Ron Simmons

    7. The Godfather

    8. Mark Henry

    9. D'Lo Brown

    10. Tony Atlas

    HM: Junkyard Dog, Ernie Ladd, Ahmed Johnson, Butch Reed, Koko B. Ware, Jay Lethal, Stevie Ray, D-Von Dudley, Elijah Burke, Monty Brown, and Bobby Lashley

    For Women:

    1. Jacqueline

    2. Naomi

    3. Sasha Banks

    4. Alicia Fox

    5. Jazz

    HM: Ember Moon

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  • Ron Simmons, Iceman King Parsons, Rocky Johnson, Hacksaw Butch Reed, D-Von Dudley, Booker T, Stevie Ray, Bad News Brown, Tony Atlas, The Rock, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, The Godfather., Jay Lethal, Big E, Junkyard Dog.

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