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Hi LGBT+ community. I have a question about Cisgender. If they identify with their sex-made gender does that mean they accept the norms too?

For an example. If a woman (born with female parts) identifies as a woman (social construct identity), does that mean that she accepts that her social obligations are to conform to the norms of that identity? Or does it still count as cisgender if you're a woman but you prefer to wear clothing culturally/socially meant for men? I know in the 90's we had a term "Tomboy" but isn't that really just the girl version of crossdressing (not all crossdressing men are gay or bi or pan; some are hetero they just enjoy girls clothing)

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    "does that mean that she accepts that her social obligations are to conform to the norms of that identity?"

    Nope. Not at all. Some cis women like to dress in mens clothes, don't wear makeup etc and they are still cis. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    "Cisgender" and "Transgender" are pseudoscientific terms used to describe what really amounts to people who are so sexist that they feel that because they do not fit in with the social norms they cannot possibly be the sex they were born as.

    If you read the coming out posts that transgenders make, you'll hear a common theme "I knew I was a girl because I liked playing with dolls", "I knew I was a boy because I hated wearing dresses", "I knew I was a girl because I enjoyed using makeup" "I knew I was a boy because I enjoyed playing football"

    Never once do you hear a reason for transgenderism other than sexist justifications. In fact, many transgenders try to claim tomboys ARE transgender. There are even efforts to claim intersex is a form of transgenderism.

    Source(s): I answered the question very strongly. Transgenders are people who ADOPT the sexist gender norms, not all of them but at least some of them, despite not being sex appropriate for the gender norms.
  • Bill
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    No. You're overthinking it. Stop thinking about it like they are actually aware of their gender and start thinking about it like it comes naturally to them and requires no thought. 

    The only reason transgenders focus on this stuff is because they uncomfortable with how they are. If they were not uncomfortable in this manner it wouldn't cross their mind to care. 

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    • Bill
      Lv 7
      1 month agoReport

      Gender is a made up concept. Sex is really all that exists, so when we talk of norms we should be saying things like sex norms, not gender norms. 

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  • "If a woman (born with female parts) identifies as a woman (social construct identity),"

    A couple things problematic here.The line should say:If a person assigned female at birth identifies as female.

    Next, gender identity, how we all internally perceive ourselves in a gendered way, is not a social construct. Gender identity is inborn and unchangeable.

    Gender roles, societal expectation for an individual based on their apparent gender, are social constructs.

    Then we also have gender expression, how we all walk, talk, dress and mannerisms.

    Contrary to what you are implying being a woman is not a monolithic experience. Gender expression and one's level of adherence to gender roles vary quite a bit. By the way, "tomboy" is still a term used today.

    Last, however one expresses their gender or adheres to gender roles is independent of gender identity. As I said before, gender identity is an inborn trait and is some we experience internally.

    EDIT: Why did this question get moved out of the LGBT section?

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