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You Wrong asked in SportsBaseball · 1 month ago

What would be the ideal punishment?

Players have spent most of this month whining about the fact that no Houston player was punished for their role in the cheating scandal. The idea of using the video feed has been said to be the brainchild of deposed Met manager Carlos Beltran but he was the only (ex-)player mentioned in the aftermath of the investigation.

The fact that so many players are angry could be a recipe for disaster in Astros games this season. Many people think that the Astros will be hearing a lot of chin music this year yet the powers that be in Manfred's office have done nothing to address this.

Suspending the players would be difficult because some have moved on since 2017 so MLB would, in essence, be punishing the clubs they play for now. And how would it be determined which players would be suspended? Would someone who was up for a week and had a couple of at bats be subject to the same punishment as every day players? The pitchers didn't hit so would they be suspended?

The media and players -- one of whom, ironically is Mike Trout who has been accused of having a fake doctor's note so he can legally use PEDs -- are keeping the controversy alive and it will have to be addressed at some point?

So what will make everyone happy? Suspensions? Fines? Surrendering the trophy and WS rings?

All of the above?

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    Looking at other sports, there is precedent to strip a title away (the NRL's Melbourne Storm were caught in a salary cap cheating scandal (pay attention, Citeh fans) and had to forfeit multiple titles and prize money. England rugby union side Saracens were also caught deliberately cheating the salary cap and will face relegation as a result.

    So you could vacate their 2017 WS title and their 2019 AL title. AND, you could make them ineligible for the postseason for 2 years and not permit them to sign free agents for 1-2 years (they could re-sign their own players and players in their farm system).

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  • 1 month ago

    Any action taken against the players will draw the wrath of the Player's Association and, with the CBA set to expire after the 2021 season, that's exactly what the owners don't want.

    Fining the guilty parties would probably appease some of the crybabies, but not all of them so the bitching would continue ad nauseum.

    I don't believe that any action should be taken against the players but if additional punishment is handed down it should be having the team relinquish its title and the players having to return any rings or awards they received because of the cheating.

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  • 1 month ago

    you cant punish certain people

    thats what i think

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