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Luthor: a solo origin film for Superman's most famous adversary.?

I haven't seen the new Joker,mostly because Im not terrible interested. But I would like to see a movie about Lex Luthor before the arrival of Superman in Metropolis. The way Joker is a psychological thriller in the vein of King of Comedy, (with hints of Fight Club) I think one about Lex Luthor would be dope.

I can see it as Political Thriller showcasing Luthor's rise to power to the day he becomes President of the USA. Light on the Science Fiction aspects (he is an inventive genius and business man) He could be shown as a flawed man who ginunly wants the best of the Human Race, but slowly becomes currpted by greed and a lust for power.

what do u think? Who would be the best to play Luthor?

have Fun?

Any thoughts?

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  • 3 months ago
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    I think it misses key elements of Luthor's story. The entire reason he BECOMES successful is because of his rivalry with Superman. He's smart, but barely anyone until he has an adversary. He is defined by that rivalry and hatred of Superman.

    Joker at least has something outside of Batman. He has an origin all of his own.

    Luthor as an interesting is character is created only by the existence of Superman.

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