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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicPolls & Surveys · 2 months ago

What's the most heartwarming thing you've ever experienced?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Falling in love with Soulmate. And just getting SO much infinite love back! And it being SO beautifully mutual! And him being SO giving, and kind, and sweet, and accepting, and safe, and easy to fall in love with!! 

    We both give a LOT, in this relationship. And we face challenges that most other couples do not face. (The fact that we're on different continents, and him living with chronic mental illness, mainly.) But it's all SO f*cking worth it, because we both just keep on giving, and wanting to give! It's so beautiful and selfless! I always get SO much back from him, and that just makes me want to keep giving! And vice versa too, I'm sure... There's just this unfathomable f*cking supply of love there! He's just the BEST ever person, and he treats me SO well! And just.. We've been through a lot, already. And we will face more issues in the future. But he's seriously SO f*cking worth it!!! And I have never felt this deeply, intensely, passionately loved, in my whole entire life. <3 <3 <3 ;'-)

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  • 2 months ago

    well, just the most recent was just this weekend. 

    My 92 year old Italian mother in law, was out puttering around in her garden,   planting potatoes and lost her gold wedding band somewhere along the way. 

    She was cursing herself up and down, and I know she was really upset about the odds of finding it now were almost zero. 

    But the woman is a gem, ---the salt if the earth and the sitaution was just unacceptable to I went out, and dug up the entire patch where she planted the potatoes,  and it was looking like a  NO-GO,  as she could have lost it anywhere, really, I suppose.........and I went over the whole patch 4 or 5 times,  with no luck.    I was about to give up.......but then remembered,    f*** that........I NEVER give gave it one more try........and sure enough, finally spotted it. 

    I was beyond thrilled............(tenaciousness pays off)...........but the real joy, was giving her back the ring,  and she broke into tears, ----obviously, it meant  a lot of her,  since her husband is dead......and she's worn it every day for over 65 years. 

    She thought it was long gone, and there was no hope of finding it.......but, I just wasn't  gonna let that stand. 

    It's being someone's hero , when it counts..........that's what life is all about. 

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  • 2 months ago

    No doubt it is central heating

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