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I cut a friend out of my life without confronting them head on - is this okay or will this eat away at me?

Recently I, along with the other tenants of my apartment moved out bc it was coming close to the end of lease. These people were supposed to be my close group of friends however over the past number of months have made me feel like complete shit to be completely honest - for a number of reasons, but I won't get into lots of detail otherwise this will be way too long.

One of the girls in particular was the worst though, and she would just always make me feel so stupid and inferior to her and she clearly saw me as a joke. Half way through the year, i did confront her because another one of the girls saw it going on and forced us to talk about it. she took in what i said and i thought that would make things better, but it just felt like they got worse from there.

Anyway( ! ), since moving out i have not spoken properly to any of them and none of them have tried to reach out, which i am okay with. the only thing that is on my mind a bit is the fact that i never really (at the end) confronted them, specifically that one girl, but is there a need to?

i'd like to think they'd know what they did wrong...and i dont want to keep stirring things by bringing it up out of nowhere. what do you think?


Would appreciate any useful advice so much!

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  • Diyah
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    1 month ago
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    They probably don't know and don't care. Leave them be, they'll learn their lesson. Vent your feelings to someone else and move on. They probably already have and anything you say now will be ignored, insulted, or grown into a huge pile of drama.

    She heard you once and didn't care while she was in your life, she's not going to listen now. She is who she is. She'll lose a lot of people in life and eventually learn her lesson.

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