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Computer shuts down randomly?

my computer shutting down on  it's own. No warning just complete reboot.

I just upgraded my.gpu from.1060 to a 1660 but I've switched back to see if issue.. still shut off(so rereplaced 1660)

I've removed all of the ram and placed 1 in the second A slot and it seems to last longer (time of post)

I have also replaced my psu (2 weeks ago) w a 500w one because it had been doing this a few times before I upgraded gpu

(So figuring it was psu I picked another one up to see)

Now its BACK..

Idk if my 5v rail being at 4.4 is bad and causing issues or ram.. im at a lost.

Any suggestions  would be greatly appreciated. 

Motherboard: ASUS prime B450M-A

CPU: Ryzen 5 1600AF 2019

CPU COOLER: Wraith Spire RGB

RAM: 4x 8gb 32gb @ 2400mhz

GPU: PNY GTX 1660 6gb

PSU: EVGA 500 watt


So I've put my 1660 and my hdd and ssd in my.old build with other mobo/ram/psu.

Ran it all night still on problem

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It might be overheating, in which case you'll need to re-apply thermal paste to your CPU. That's if it's hardware related. Do that first. Test run it for a while and see if issues persist. Then re-install your OS because it could be software related or there could be an issue with your kernel. If that's not the case then there could be a virus in your memory so I recommend replacing your RAM. but do that last.  Make sure when you re-install your os that you completely erase your hard drive.

    Further reading your case it almost sounds like you have conflicting graphics drivers. In which case I would just reinstall the OS. It's harder to uninstall and delete drivers. It's easier just to start from scratch.

    And before that, are you sure you have the proper power harness to your graphics? Is it getting enough external power?

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  • A.J.
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Immediate top of the head is overheating or unstable power supply.

    EVGA 500W is still not impressive, though you don't state what you had before.

    Anything made by HEC or Andyson is suspect of issues. See who made it:

    There are a lot of bad power supplies and few really good ones.

    GTX 1660 prefers quality of PSU over extra watts.

    Wraith Spire is OK in limited overclocking.

    Anyway, overheating is common, but that usually throttles down first and easy to measure with software like SPECCY or other, so be sure temperatures are in line.

    Your Ryzen should not exceed mid-70's C

    You rarely need over 16gb ram, so if mismatched sticks try a pair in proper slots.

    Blow out any dust.

    It seems like a power supply issue, but make sure motherboard standoffs aren't getting intermittent shorting.

    It shouldn't be the coin battery, corrupt bios, or windows error, but if it's not a legal copy of Windows that is possible.

    Did you do a full virus scan?

    Fingerprints and dirt can cause intermittent shorting.

    Although a new power supply is supposed to be good, many of these mystery issues are a bad supply.

    I worked for 32 years in Procurement Engineering in IBM and Lenovo, but not a lot of experience working with failing PCs. A very clean assembly and not dropping or forcing parts and good quality usually makes a trouble-free system.

    In working directly with some companies in China, some are very trustworthy and others are not.

    Your list of parts is not supposed to be a problem.

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