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Is she trying to ghost me?

19f Me: Hey, did you want to hangout at all before I leave?

18f Her: I would love to but I have a lot of homework to do :(

Me: That’s understandable, And about Friday I don’t want you to feel pressured about anything. (We made out topless)

Me: Where we at in terms of us? I just don’t want to get my hopes up if we aren’t on the same page

Her: I don’t really know, just because this is all new to me

Me: yeah, for me too.

Me: Do you like me in that way? If it’s too much you can tell me, I won’t get mad or anything. 

Her: yes, I do

Me: That’s reassuring. I just don’t wanna mess things up. If anything bothers you, feel free to tell me. 

Me: My priority is you being happy and comfortable. 

No reply from her in two days, she doesn’t have social media. I’m not sure if she just isn’t into me or she’s bad at communication.

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