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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 1 month ago

Thinning hair and areas in head with no hair(hair loss) please read and help?

I used to have a thick head of hair, was even born with a lot. It has now started to thin and when I move my hair I can see areas of balding in random spots, not like a receding male pattern baldness, but practically all over. I have long hair which helps to hide it, but it's becoming more apparent. The past few months I've been going through a serious bout of depression. I've been extremely stressed and my diet has been poor, and my sleep even worse. I'm still struggling to get sleep, regardless of how exhausted I am, and work and school aren't helping. I am a twenty one year old male attending my second year at uni, I don't drink or do drugs. What can I do, I don't want to bald. My doctor appointment is a month and a half away. I've worked on bettering my diet, started exercising more, and am attempting to get better sleep, I'm getting more than before but I know it's still not enough. I'm in the quarter system and I've got a lot of school work to do which in turn stresses me out and results in less sleep but I am doing better in not procrastinating. What can I do to help regrow my hair. What foods/nutrients should I watch out for


My father and grandfather both still have a lot of hair

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