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Why do they now try to hire people with development expereince as software QA people?

All my life sofware QA was done by interns or high school graduates with no, or little higher education.  

I found myself out of work. I have applied for several test software developer jobs.  I was having no luck.  It seems that the market is saturated. I had some QA job offers, but they only pay 50-60k. Last year my AGI was 147k, so why would I wake such a low salary?

I finally took a job in software QA that involves development, and QA. In other words I get to fix a lot of the bugs I find myself, rather than just writing them up like QA folks usually do. I guess I cannot complain because I am getting a developer's salary to do mostly QA work.

No I do not work in games development.  I work in industrial controls, and stuff like that.

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