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Worried about going to work tomorrow?

So I worke for a prepaid legal service where we have to met a 25 quota per day referrals.

Some referrals are basic referrals while some are urgent referrals. On Friday I got an urgent referral assigned to me at about 4:40 but we close at 5pm and I was working on an out of state referral that my sup told me to work on. The urgent had a critical date of 2/18/2020. We've been in situations like this where a member says they have a critical date but turns out it's not critical or the member notifies our in house attorneys at the last minute and there's just not enough time to find the member a referral atty at the last minute.

How can I still met my "goal" of 25 referrals while at the same time spending so much time trying to find the member a referral atty?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    Have you checked into your mental health benefits for OCD treatment?

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