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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsMarriage & Divorce · 1 month ago

My daughter wants to marry someone from u.k How can we make this work?

My daughter likes a guy from the U.K and wants to get married. She would be moving there but the wedding would take place in the U.S. Would they be able to obtain a marriage licence? Or would he need a certain type of visa? Also would she be able to get U.K citizenship easily? I want to avoid any complications and want them to be happy. Thank you!!!

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    In the US one can buy a marriage license while in the country as a tourist. In the UK this isn't possible as there's a special visa required for marrying in that nation. So if they're marrying in the US this isn't a problem. Then after the wedding he'd go back to the UK and she'd remain in the US for processing.

    The income and accommodation requirements for sponsoring a foreign spouse in the UK are more demanding than the same in the US. He'll have to have an income of at least £18,600 and prove that he has a place for them to live. Then he'd file the petition upon his return to Britain and she'd be contacted in the US to proceed with the processing. Eventually she'll be issued a visa (in the US) that will allow her to travel to the UK and live there. Getting from permission to live in the UK to being able to naturalize is a bit more difficult than how it goes in the US but it's certainly possible if they stay married, stay off of benefits and she doesn't get into any legal trouble.

    If this guy is confused by any of this he should engage the services of a British immigration solicitor to manage the paperwork for him.

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  • 1 month ago

    Have they met in person or are they email pals? They must have developed an in-person relationship. Whether she sponsors his immigration to US or he sponsors her immigration to UK, the citizen is required to earn enough to meet support requirements, and must have a suitable home in their country for self & spouse (not living with parents or receiving any "benefits" such as UK's council housing).

    Citizenship is a long process. First, they need a fiancé (UK calls it prospective marriage visa) or a spouse visa. The marriage must continue in good order before they might be approved for legal permanent residency status. Then there are a series of further requirements before the foreign spouse might become eligible to apply for citizenship.

    If they marry in US, but want to live in UK, he can enter on ESTA, but MUST return home immediately after the wedding & start the process for her spouse visa. It can take a year or more for her to get a visa to enter UK, IF all requirements are met.

    These two need to do everything themselves. If they cannot manage to research visa requirements and meet all of them, especially earnings, they should not be considering marriage yet. Mommy & Daddy need to butt out & make them manage all of this. Yes, it is time-consuming, can be very stressful. But they need to be mature enough to manage their own life together.

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  • ...
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    1 month ago
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