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4. Sarah, Toby, and their mother run an online store called Unique Bracelets that sells handmade bracelets consisting of unique, individually-painted charms. Each bracelet they sell consists of 12 small charms and 5 large charms. Each order also gets 5 blank spacer charms to use to separate charms or fill in the bracelet. They do not sell charms separately and do not sell bracelets in parts.

(f) Write an equation showing the number of charms, y, needed for x bracelets purchased in an order. Describe what the equation means in a real-world context.

(g) Sarah’s and Toby’s mother says the order she is filling needs 158 charms. How many bracelets were purchased in this order?

(a) Toby says they don’t have enough charms to fill an order that needs 264 charms. Sarah says it’s not possible for an order to need 264 charms. Is Sarah right? Why or why not? Justify your answer.

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  • 1 month ago

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    1 month ago

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