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Leo Berto asked in SportsBaseball · 1 month ago

How To Avoid Or Not Create Any Baseball Related Scandal (Whether The Steroids Stuff Or The Sign Stealing Controversy) To Restore Order?

And Save Your Baseball Reputation And Your Managerial Job From Suspending Or Firing To Not Involving In Any Stupid Scandal


Screw The Scandals It's Satanic And Judas-Like Barbaric Act Of Condemnation So Keep Fighting To Crush This Scandal

Update 2:

No Asterisk. Your World Series Titles Are Safe

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    People have been ringing their hands about steroids since it started. The owners on one hand talk that steroids are evil and a bad mark on the game. but they don't seem to mind when their juiced up player's performances fill the seats and luxury sky boxes.

    Here a solution, every time a player from any team gets caught on steroids, not only penalize the player, penalize the owner too. It's their team, so they are ultimately responsible. Slap the owner with a 7 figure fine for every player that gets caught. I guarantee, the owners getting hefty money taken from the profits, steroids would stop in a hurry. 

    The sign stealing has gone on since the game began. the only thing that's new is the tech. You can't change the past, but you can stop it in the future, just like the steroids, slap the owners with a mega fine, and it will stop.

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