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Why is my program not working?

How come my dataColumns are not getting filled with the numbers from the file? This is python.

import time

import InputOutputHandler

fileName = input("Enter the .csv file name: ")

fileUse = InputOutputHandler.readCSVFile(fileName)

headers = InputOutputHandler.headerSplitter(fileUse)

rowCount = 0

for row in fileUse:

  rowCount += 1

def main(headers):

   #create a list with header-number of lists in it

   dataColumns = []

   for i in headers:

       dataColumns.append([]) #fills inital list with as many empty lists as there are columns

  #adds a column of data into each empty list

  for row in fileUse:

     comps = row.strip().split(',') #components of data

     for j in range(len(comps)):

        dataColumns[j].append(float(comps[j])) #appends the jth entry into the jth column, separating data into categories

  return dataColumns

def readCSVFile(fileName):

   inputFile = open(fileName)

   return inputFile

def headerSplitter(fileUse):

   headers = fileUse.readline().strip('\n').split(',') #create headers for columns and strips unnecessary characters

   return headers

dataColumns = main(headers)

InputOutputHandler.printCSVFile(dataColumns, headers, rowCount)

1 Answer

  • Snezzy
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Indents on lines 15 and 19 are wrong.

    My system does not find line 2's InputOutputHandler and I'm not going to bother hunting for it.

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