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What are the advantages, if any, of using a gate driver as opposed to an Arduino and optocoupler to drive an IGBT?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Switching speed.

    If you are just switching a general load on & off, speed is not critical an an opto or a direct drive (with a logic level mosfet or IGBT is fine.

    If you are trying to build such as a PWM system that switches significant power at high frequencies, a proper gate drive circuit is usually required as the gate capcitance of a power switching FET / IGBT can be quite high.

    It needs a high-current drive to charge or discharge the gate quickly and ensure a fast transition between the on & off states, so minimal power is wasted as heat while the power device is partly on.

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      Proper gate drivers for switchers can output 1 to 2 amps during the transitions. You are fighting gate capacitance and Miller capacitance.  An opto can't supply this level of gate drive.

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  • 2 months ago

    If you are driving with a high frequency, the opto would have trouble with the gate capacitance, which is driven by a transistor and resistor. It would switch fast in one direction and slow in the other.

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