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Best way to start off losing weight?

I need to lose weight. I was sick 2 weeks ago so i lost about 4 lbs. i was 188.4lbs and went down to 184.6lbs. This weekend however was 3 birthdays in my family (mine, my husbands both on the 15th and my sisters yesterday the 16th). So my parents took us out to eat, my inlaws took us out to eat and my husband and I went out  on valentines day for dinner and breakfast on the 15th our birthday

I know i probably gained the weight back. How can i start off losing weight like for a beginner? Thank you in advance.

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    Intermittent fasting or keeping your window of eating to an 8-10 hour period during the day. Smaller portions. Wiser choices. More plants. Less carbs. You can't deprive yourself completely. You could have a sliver of cake once in a while. But if you go to breakfast you could choose oatmeal or even a one egg omelet with spinach and broccoli over say french toast and bacon. If you go to dinner, you could choose a piece of fish with vegetables over a steak with potato. Skip the dinner roll. Give up the sugar and the carbs and start exercising. But the two smallest steps you can make, is to only take the stairs instead of an elevator and to give up sugary drinks. Drink water and take your coffee or your tea without sugar. Not even artificial sweeteners. Just no sugar. No gatorade, no soda. Look for foods that say no added sugar. Sugar is the devil. 

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