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Did I do good in this interview ?

It was my first ever interview for journalism  at Edinburgh Napier 

The interview started okay but when he asked what type of journalist I wanted to be I said I’m interested in investigative journalism and I said I used to want to be a royal reporter.. So he laughed at that, he didn’t ask me a lot of questions but I think he could tell I was really nervous and a bit deer in the headlights. I honestly was rambling I think & struggled to answer some of the questions but he never asked me any questions about why I want to do this course etc. More about my future after uni and how I read the news. He then started talking about Glasgow and how he prefers Glasgow to Edinburgh to which I said I prefer Edinburgh, he said Edinburgh Napier is “conservative with a small c” the interview pretty much ended after that because I didn’t have anything to ask him lmao. I’m worried I haven’t got it because a girl went in after me and told me when she came out he said he’s considering making her an offer but never mentioned anything like that to me

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    5 months ago

    No way of knowing for sure. Be patient.

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  • 5 months ago

    Since I did not hear the actual interview, I cannot comment on it. However, you must 'stand out' in the crowd these days. Show a bit of energy in your comments, both on paper and in person. The newspaper industry has been suffering for some time now, it needs an injection of enthusiasm, but not dull lies. Dishonest journalism is not what readers want.

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