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Where does the energy originate from for a virus to inject its RNA into a host cell?

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  • 2 months ago

    Energy: energy is not only what is imagined or seen in nuclear power plants, fire burning, sun, etc, ...

    every particle has its own energy "from its existence" ... now we are going not only in biology but further other channels :

    - same particle can be used to burst in part of second to release energy, question more or less from other particle included in contact with it, and different energy will be released and particle may be lost - vanished.

    - there are other combinations when "other type" of particle is joined with previously up mention particle, and instead of releasing radiation or instant burning itself, = it lasts hundreds to thousands of years releasing forms of energies without any radiation...

    meaning goes in equilibrium state with the partner particle included and releases other forms of energy.

    Similar way star's constellations function on macro level.

    Now on main your Q:

    RNA may find improbable partner and may happen one of them to vanish or both. Other case (as I mentioned up),

    may happen to connect in joining and become closer to equilibrium - while perfection of equilibrium is possible (but may not happen in case we mention). When RNA finds good partner particle builds further from the particles "found in the surrounding to better to perfect self sustaining battle fighter".

    Every next successful in joining may generate by coincidence other 2 particles to form other equilibrium combination which will be joint of previous with RNA.

    >> And every next combination makes choices that will win the rest to all "combinations". <<

    If you ask, "but from where initial energy originates":

    - There is no void, anywhere, everywhere there is something.

    If there is void in part of second somewhere "it is filled in part of second from something else".

    Other: Virus does not inject RNA into host. Virus "takes" to form itself from "gathered information" where it is, to rebuild itself or form copy from finding short void - figurative, into better battle-station i.e, equilibrium constellation.

    I will give to you one example "real" to understand easier:

    - Currently I research something at one area ... what it does:

    Area is around very small but very toxic area. All area around is kilometers to tens far, but ... any plant that grows near, it takes properties from the toxic (which is far at the center), even the toxic is not present at all. Any animal or human that eats any grass or plant from the area, dies before gets to hospital - minutes to hours. No toxins in the waters, ... they die, no toxins in the plants,... they die.

    Now the strangest thing : the toxins and same properties appear "LATER", but not in the actual source.

    Other thing: (everything is related to your question):

    That area is "one ring" the source, "other larger ring" is the area that copies itself, and "third area ring" is that builds the -buffer- area, which is neutral, and absorbs everything. And "the source area" builds own strength by taking information from out of the "buffer area", to build itself into better against.

    Same method viruses do on "micro" level, but micro is relative again.

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    • 6000_km_under
      Lv 4
      1 month agoReport

      Ah, and thank you for the thumbs down. I will not give you informations any more, survive on your-own. I'll take steps to make my own.

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  • Cowboy
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    "Viruses rely entirely on their host as an energy source. Despite numerous experimental studies that demonstrate the capability of viruses to rewire and undermine their host’s metabolism, we still largely lack a quantitative understanding of an infection’s energetics"

    Energetic cost of building a virus

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  • 2 months ago

    It feeds off the medium it floats around in.

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  • 2 months ago

    If energy for a conformation change is required to inject the RNA, then that came from the previous host which manufactured the virus particle.

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  • Ontol
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    The previous host.

    Just a guess. 

    Probably not useful. 


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