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How come people are so rude to an autistic man and harasses him and says he deserves all of this stuff?

So I don't get what is up with people and why people are so cruel and mentally abusive towards me. My friend andrew says that I deserved to get framed for making the bomb threat and says that he wants to thank whoever did it. I don't get why is he such cruel to say such a thing. Even though this felony wouldn't have any affects on my travel plans and stuff but it is irritating knowing that I have it on my record. I'm not going to prison or anything but I am angry at whoever did this. Someone must have hired a hacker or something and made them do this. Whoever this person is, they know my phone number and my physical address now. Don't argue with me saying that I can't travel because I still can. Vietnam does not do background checks and I have multiple sources to back my claim. I've went on about 5 forums on different sites yesterday and they all gave me the same answers. Everyone told me that vietnam does not do background checks and they even provided me links to the visa application for vietnam. There is nothing that says that vietnam would do background or criminal record checks. They want tourists so bad so they won't and will never do background checks. I will be going to vietnam in 2021 or 2022 and prove everyone wrong and that I can still go even though I will be a felon. How come people are so rude to me and says that I deserve all of this ?? How come people keep on arguing with me ??

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  • Lita
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    No one is harassing you because of your supposed autism. Everything that is happening to you is a result of your own actions and poor decisions.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago


    1 glance @ the horrible folks who use

    this site should show you how bad Humanity

    has sadly truly become which is a crying 

    Shame :-(


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  • 2 months ago

    If you don't like the way you are treated on YA all you have to do is leave.  Very simple solution.  I and for the most part very few regular posters here will miss you.

    Most of the long term users here are just tired of your repeated lies, insults, profanity laced rants, name calling and total disregard and disrespect for anybody but yourself.

    Nobody here believes that just because you claim that "people on other sites told you", or "your attorney said" are true.   If you are so sure that you can travel to Vietnam then stop posting [as you have for at least the last 5 years] about your "trip" buy a ticket, get your visa and get there.  

    Hint for you, we know this is never going to happen  because you don't have the $ to buy a ticket and you never leave your parents house.

    You live in a fantasy world where you are a "spy" a "master criminal" a "bad ***" and at the same time a "poor little victim" of everybody being mean to you because you are autistic.

    It isn't your autism, it is your constant lies and whining about how tough your life is that has lead to people being rude and telling you a truth that you have no desire to hear.  That truth is you are 29 years old, you don't have a job, you aren't married, you have no way to support yourself, much less support a wife, you scream and whine like a two year old because you don't have the life you want.  Guess what jakey boy, there is NOBODY to blame for that but you.

    Being autistic is not a get out of jail free card and being an immature and inept troll is not a disability, jacob.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    How come? Cause you're a big lying troll.

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  • 2 months ago

    You can't tell someone is autistic just by looking, they think you are ordinary and have the same expectations as ordinary.

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