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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 month ago

ANYONE KNOW AN AMERICAN (i believe) MYSTERY SHOW, in the 90s. That has different episodes? ?

Uhm ive been searching for this specific episode but i couldnt find it. The plot is... -please bear with my english- about 3 friends on a road trip, 2 boys and 1 girl, they got into an accident, their car crashed on the side of the road and fell into the lake. It didnt show how they got off the car but yeah, after that things became odd? then the protagonist found out that his friends have an affair which upsets him coz he also has special feelings for her. Anyway, i dont remember much details, but he went back to the lake and discovered the car at the bottom with their corpses trapped inside. So he believed that maybe someone should witness it, coz theyre supposed to be dead. I think when he informed his friends about it they got mad and decided to keep things a secret but he made up his mind and thought of doing it by himself. So he rushed back their once again, tried to pull his corpse off, it was late when he noticed that his friends corpses started to float as he struggles to get his. In the end he failed, coz his corpse was stuck and the car sunk more deeper. He tried to chase his friends corpses but when he submerged from the water his friends was already there. And as soon as they saw their own corpses, they vanished. Anyone, familiar with this one? 


It was titled, Night Vision, if i remember it right and aired on a Abs Cbn, a Ph network every friday night dubbed in filipino. 

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    Night Visions episode "If A Tree Falls". Three college friends drown in a lake and discover that they can still live as long as no one learns of their death. Dailymotion has the episode

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      If A Tree Falls

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