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Ethan asked in SportsOther - Sports · 1 month ago

Wanna learn to skateboard but can't skate anywhere, help? ?

I wanna learn to skate but I live in a small country town (if you could call it a town) and there isn't really many businesses and there's no sidewalks and everyone lives kind of far apart. The only place a skateboard could even roll is on the roads, but they're cracked and have gravel on them so idk if thatd even work. (And also there's s lot of speeding cars lol) And I could maybe skate in my school's parking lot after hours but I couldnt really get there cos I dont have a car. And like i said there's no sidewalks so i can't walk to school, I'd have to drive. What should i do? I've wanted to skate for years but never could cos of money problems and locations where i live. Please help me figure out what to do, thank you!

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