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Hi, I have a Creative SBS 5.1 560, I want to connect it to a TV.  How would I go about this?

It uses a 3x 3.5mm cable setup and then the subwoofer acts as a stand-alone amp and splitter, expanding to 2 left and 2 right speakers, as well as 1 center speaker. Most modern TVs do not sport multiple, or even a single 3.5mm port, so how will I be able to connect it? Even using a seperate audio receiver for the TV doesn't solve the issue since it has no 3.5mm ports. What should I do?


Also, what TVs would you recommend that falls under these criteria:

Must be 4K

Must be a smart TV 

Must be name brand, Samsung, LG, Sony. 

Must be 40-45" in diagonal size. 

Must support some sort of audio out, either that be through HDMI, Toslink or otherwise. 

VESA Mountability. 

Nice-to-haves but not necessary:

Gray/ silver exterior.

Sleek remote. 

Good speakers (in case no such fix exists). 

G-Sync/Freesync/Adaptive Sync support. 

HDR support.

Greater than 60hz refresh rate.

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