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songs not sounding so goo...?

I have downloaded 430 song from Spotify and got them all, So i used Audacity to even the sound. I got the setting right on the Compressor.

Listing to the songs, they sound dual.

Example: when listing to music on the radio the music sounds great clear sounded, but downloading song for my Ipod they don't have a good sound. They sound like they were playing on a stereo with small speakers.....

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    Music coming out of the radio does not sound good to me. I am used to hearing the same songs on radio and from a CD, and the CD sounds a whole lot better. Radio stations often assume that their music is heard through low fi devices, so they kind of boost the bass around 100-200 Hz to make them sound better on low fi speakers You can hear this when you hear male DJs talk on a good stereo system. Their voices sound nasal, boomy and unpleasant. If you think songs from the radio sound better, then that may be your "problem."

    Also, any time music is processed, especially if it is compressed, sound quality may be degraded unless you know what you are doing. They to listen to your downloaded songs without processing them and see if you like them better. Also try comparing the songs you downloaded with the same songs that have been made into a CD, and see which version you like better. If you want the best sound, it is best to buy CDs instead of downloading them from an online merchant.

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  • Lance
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The less conversion the better. Always error on the side of the least manipulation is best....Any time you convert a music file you will lose some quality...Also it may have to do with the settings in your Spotify player for download...You want to use the extreme quality mode for downloads also there may be other settings in the player that are not allowing the highest quality download...I would google search "why do spotify downloads not sound as good" I think you will find that others have experienced similar problems and have come up with fixes usually a setting in the Spotify player.. Maybe one of those solutions may apply to you... Also The Spotify player may manipulate the files somehow that other players do not do... Some people have suggested removing the Spotify player completely or using a different computer that does not have Spotify installed before any manipulation of the files ... Also I don't think that the download files have the same quality as the live internet version has anyway. But improvements can be made...

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  • 2 months ago

    This is your fault. You have compressed them (to save space) and now they are degraded in quality. Audacity will do what you tell it to - but you are finding out that that is not what you want!! I hope you saved the original downloads. When you say things like "even the sound" it is clear that you need to learn more before you ruin your downloads again. Try reading the instructions, or getting live help from an experienced and knowledgesble friend.

    Source(s): Adult son has Masters degree in digital music and recording technology.
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  • 2 months ago

    What is the resolution of the files before downloading,

    and what is the resolution of the files you stored?

    Anything less than WAV Lossless or FLAC

    could significantly degrade the sound quality.

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