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Thailand girl?

I met this Thai girl in Thailand and now I am back to Australia. I have been chatting with her for a couple months now although we use both the translate app as I cannot speak Thai and she cannot speak English. I have heard a lot of bad things about Thais. I was just wondering as she went to an island with at best

 friend which is a girl but she sent me a message in German and for the first time she called me by babe. She has never called me that before as she always calls me honey. And she said that when she would arrive at the island she would call me, but she didn't. I am not sure if that message was sent by mistake and wasn't meant to be for me. She said was a problem with the net and she was sorry. But I find it hard to believe? I really like her but I think she is playing with me. She said she would need money so she could buy food for her and her parents but I never sent any. And how could she afford to go to this island for 4 days,if she hasn't got money. I am not sure if I believe her , what do you guys think?

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  • Huh?
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    1 month ago

    Sorry, but she's probably scamming you.  Asking for money for any reason is a big red flag.  It's also quite common for them to string several guys along for money, the fact that she sent you a message in German is another warning sign - she probably has at least one German sucker.  If you met her in a beer bar or A-Go-Go she is almost certainly trying to use you as an ATM.

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  • 1 month ago

    There are good Thai ladies and bad Thai ladies, just like every where in the world there are good women and bad women. I have had 4 Thai girlfriends since I started visiting in 2004. They were all nice girls till their friends advised them to ask for money or needed money. At least the first 3. The fourth had money so it was not an issue. It does sound like you are being played with. There are plenty of other women to meet there. If you met her at a beer bar for sure you are being played with. You are right about affording going to an island it costs money. Text message in German is a good sign of she got mixed up. Beer bars or any bar is not the best place to meet a Thai lady. I used or which might have some limitation for younger people, not that many use it. there are a couple of Thai dating sites that are okay but, limited. Good luck

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  • Go ahead and tell me she is not like the other girls.  Yes, she sure the hell is and she learned well like most of them do.  Do not believe a thing she tells you unless you see it for yourself and then still be curious.  Next is the water buffalo, then the father and next the roof on the house needs repairs.  Let me also guess she is from the Northeast of Thailand but stays with a friend in Bangkok or Pattaya selling smartphones for a living.  These girls have three or four guys on the hook who do not live here.  You just have to arrange your visit in advance based on her schuedle.

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  • 1 month ago

    You fell for a trap.

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  • 1 month ago

    You still half believe "her" even after "she" sent you a message which was obviously intended for a German man who is also being scammed? You are not sure that's what it is? Gosh. It won't be the girl you met that you are talking to on the internet, it will be her real boyfriend. It's rare women do scamming and they usually just assist, it's a man who uses his woman as a decoy, especially in Asia. Sorry to be blunt but hopefully I have stopped you being robbed.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    you are a moron, lol. especially if you think a kathoey is an actual girl. and looking at your question history youve been wasting time typing out paragraphs about this for a whole month. not even speaking the same language and trying to force him to learn english is just pathetic. you are seriously the most gullible person ive ever known. however i happen to be a namibian prince who can guarantee you $5 million next week if you send me $3000 right now.

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      1 month agoReport

      another cowardly tough talking peasant behind a keyboard. you shouldnt have typed anything at all. must have a VERY sad life to feel the need to respond to my factual statements. just lets me know you'll be working a cash register until you're 65.

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