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c asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsSTDs · 2 months ago

did i catch Herpes?

Hi, I had a partner who I have had previous history with. Everything as went well between him and i, but a couple months of not seeing each other we decided to meet up. Long story short, we ended up making out and i sucked his dick, on Thursday, so on Friday in the morning my lips started this tingling sensation and no burning or no sore to it. Sometimes it will lightly be tingling/burn at the top, then it moves to the bottom. I'm very cautious about my sexual health, 3 days before I met up with him i got STD tests done and all came back negative. I didn't see any sore when i was sucking him, and i asked him if he was with anyone before and he told me no, then come to find out after he got a clean std test in December he was with someone else this end of January so idk if it herpes or what but this tingling as been moving around from bottom to top lips since Friday and it now Sunday, idk what to do. I know he got the smallpox vaccination he had to put the bandage on which was still on it, so i dont know what it could be. 


Also can i take a herpes blood test now, and would it be accurate although it only three days and i have the tingling and light burning sensation on my lips. 

My lips also look really chapped like the skin is peeling off but i have no allergies to anything

2 Answers

  • HSV1 / Oral herpes isn't always included in std tests, because it's not considered to be an std. Most people contract it by being innocently kissed by a close friend or relative that has cold sores which care caused by oral herpes. 

    It's possible for herpes to be passed from the genitals to the mouth, but your partner would have to have genital herpes and have a break out while or around the time you gave him oral sex.

    Itching, burning, tingling and dry chapped lips can be symptoms of a break out. If you develop a cold sore or fever blisters (also caused by oral herpes), then you have oral herpes. It's too early to get a blood test done a few weeks after exposure. If you get the test done with in days of possibly being exposed, you may not get reliable results. Go see a doctor, let them know what happened and see if they can run a swab test on your lips. 

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  • 2 months ago

    and neither do we. you have to see a lesion and possibly send it got nucleaic acid testing to be sure.

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