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How long should it take deghratyed syrian hamster to get back to normal? ?

So my hamster is on antibiotics and on special food give him threw a syringe. I was wondering how long it should take him to get 100% Thursday is when we took him to the vet. Friday night he got water and food on his own, but he hasn't since I've took off work to monitor him and I would hear his water bottle if he got water on his own plus when he was normal he would drink like 6 times a day. I'm just wondering how long it should take until hes 100% sleeping less ,eats and drinks on his own. I have mixes signs thinking he is getting better. My biggest worry is that sometimes when I put him on my coach to give him medicine and to see how he can walk he flops over and falls down not always but sometimes that scares me. I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow. I'm just really impatient and would like to know how long until he is 100% I'm just really impatient and going to take him to the vet again tomorrow hopefully.

1 Answer

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    i would ask your vet about all this

    • Well I asked him when I saw him he said 3/4 days until better but wasn't sure when 100% so I wasn't sure if anyone that owns hamsters might have experience and know thanks though. 

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