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Why do people rape?

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    I am a certified rape and abuse crisis counselor doing ever since my 2 sister was raped.  when I was 15.  I know what I was taught, that it is an act of violence, and power, and it is.  But in my life I still do not get someone getting pleasure from hurting others.  We all can be insensitive, rude, impatient,over react to something others do, but to abuse or hurt someone, rape someone and have any type of pleasure is sick.  I do not think on this level of thinking no one can explain why people hurt others and do not feel pain from it.  All we can do is recognize the red flags of bad people, and stay away from them or run when they come near.  Most people see the bad in people, but over look it.  99% of all the victims I have counseled said, they felt a funny icky feeling about the person who raped them, from as little as 30Mins to a few months.  

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    It's a crime of control and violence. There are many reasons. Google it

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    Feeling of power control over women. Usually big ******* in reality.

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    Rape is an act of violence, it shows one person's power over another.  Some people like that feeling of power.  

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