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Is it bad to take sleeping aid every night?

So for close to a year new I've been taking HEB brand sleep aid witch is 50mg (HCI) per gel pill and I take about 5 every night is this ok?

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  • 5 months ago

    You're taking five sleeping pills a night? You're way too dependent on them if it takes five pills to get you to sleep.

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  • 5 months ago

    By taking them all the time, you teach your body that it needs them to sleep.

    So if you don't take them, you won't be able to sleep.

    Dependence on any drug (unless it is required for keeping you alive) is not healthy.

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  • Kyle
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    5 months ago

    why do you need to take it? if you can't sleep naturally on your own, maybe you should see a doctor.

    try exercising.  i like to go to the gym after work, but before dinner.  that way i'm still exhausted when i get home to sleep easier, but not super hyper if i work out right before bed.  

    if you've never seen a doctor about your sleep issues, i would see one.  

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