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Boozy candies?

So if I wanted to sell alcohol soaked candies in Florida what kind of license would I need? I'm not making the alcohol btw ... and would I need to disclose the brand of alcohol used or need that brands permission?


1 Answer

  • Janet
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    First you need a business license.

    Then you need access to working in a board-certified kitchen (inspected and approved by the Board of Health, complete with a commercial dish sterilizer and stainless steel countertops).

    And insurance in case someone gets sick, or thinks they get sick, from what you are selling, and they decide to sue you.

    As for alcohol content, check with your local government. You need to disclose the percentage of alcohol in what you are selling, and above a certain level of alcohol yes there may be restrictions on controlling who you sell it to.

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