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Anonymous asked in SportsRunning · 2 months ago

why is it my right leg is always sore when I run outdoors especially uphill. I end up having to stretch it a lot during the run?

Its like this for years.

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    1 month ago
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    That's a question for your doctor. We can't know. It could be due to an injury that is only aggravated when you run uphill or on pavement, it could be due to your gait, the way your body is put together, or your shoes. Your legs may not be the same length, or that foot may be hitting the ground differently, or there may be some weakness in your hips or knees that's causing you to feel pain during certain runs.  It must not to be TOO bad or you wouldn't have tolerated it "for years".

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  • 1 month ago

    We can only speculate. If you want to be sure, you should consult sports medicine, or an orthopedic specialist. You should prefer advice from health care pros who are also runners.

    One possibility is that it is the result of a difference in your right leg and your left leg.

    Most people have slight differences between the bones on the right and bones on the left. You may have one leg slightly longer than the other. Or one foot might be slightly larger than the other. Ordinarily, this does not cause a problem with running. But, occasionally, it does.

    Have both feet measured for foot length, arch length, foot width. This is for comparison.

    If it is due to a right leg / left leg or right foot / left foot difference, an orthosis (orthotic) may be needed. Another possibility is to wear your left shoe a different size than the right.

    One of the reasons we can only speculate is that we have little information. It may help to know, for example, where in your leg hurts, and how the pain level corresponds to your running gait cycle. Even if we knew that, it would be necessary to ask a series of questions to make a diagnosis. Yahoo! Answers isn't set up for that. Also, even if we were medically qualified, you would be better off starting by consulting a health care pro who actually examined you.

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  • Kyle
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    2 months ago

    maybe it's your shoes.  if you run a lot, you should replace them after a couple years. get shoes that come with different padding.  you can add an extra insert in your right shoe for more support.  maybe try wearing compression gear on your legs.  go see a doctor if you're that concerned about it.  stretch it before and after you run.  drink lots of water to stay hydrated in between runs.  

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