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My professors keep humiliating me?

I got to a small community college. All my professors keep telling me drop out of my community college program,( Accounting). They think I cant do math with out a calculator. I was supposed to subtract something in front of the class, i blanked out. but i know how to subtract and multiply without a calculator. Also I wrote February 30 instead of 28 on my quiz.

They keeping degrading me in front of my class, and everyone notices. My professor told me to drop out of the program in front of the entire class, and it spread to most people in the program. During my exam my teacher tried break my calculator, by trying to pull it a part. Also my professor stood so her back side faced me, she also threw the sign in sheet at me. I feel so humiliated.

none of my class mates like me. I feel horrible about my self. I get good marks, i am 75 to 85 student.


I feel horrible, humiliated and embarrassed . I can't sleep properly thinking about this. I am in my last semester, I have a hard time concentrating or studying, I keep thinking about everything that happened and how everyone treated me.  

Update 2:

yes, i understand its very average. I am not saying i am a great student however i know a guy who is passing with almost only 50s and failing most of his courses. there is other people who are getting lower grades. i dont understand why they are treating me like this.

Update 3:

I can't drop the program or switch colleges. My mom is a single mother who works as genera labor. I need to graduate and get a full time job.

18 Answers

  • Hockey
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    If what you describe is true, go to the college administration and file a complaint.

    • Brian4 weeks agoReport

      I did this when I was in college multiple times and they always defend the professor...

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  • Ya-Hoo
    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    Big deal. Most of these professors are losers who probably have accomplished nothing in their field. Next time they insult you ask them if you think their names will be remembered in textbooks when they're dead.

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  • 1 month ago

    Try to finish the course.  You'll probably never see this teacher again.

    Remember, Former President George W. Bush got a C in Spanish.

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  • 1 month ago

    As there is only one semester left I think you should finish if you can put up with the nonsense a bit longer, so try not to quit if you can.  Yes professors can also be horrors, but so can just about anyone in any career.  If this is a career you really want then don’t give it up easily, just get down to work and study that much more harder.  Don’t quit.  Maybe that is what these professors are trying to get you to do ... study harder

    !  Remember every embarrassing mistake you made are ones you would never make again are they, so maybe these little embarrassments are actually helping you.  If others are noticing you being picked on, don’t worry too much, as they are feeling for you, and just glad it is not them.  Don’t forget to take time out and destress, take walks, eat healthy food, get plenty of sleep, catch up with a good friend for a chat, and watch a happy, funny movie now and then.  These tough times will pass and you will come out of it in the end.  Adopt an attitude like “bring it on” (of course don’t say that to them lol), and get to class early and prepared to give it your best every day.  Good luck.  

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  • 1 month ago

    I am so sorry, maybe he likes you thats why hes hard on you, try to talk to him

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  • All the more you need to practice and gain confidence.  Practice makes perfect. Talk to a person of a higher authority in your college about the professor.  Most colleges have a director. There has to be a solution. Wish you all the best.

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  • 1 month ago

    You are doing the wrong subject. You need to reflect on those things you are good at and focus on that. Colleges across the western world are forbidden from denying entry to any student who wants to study a subject. The outcome leads to students opting for courses that are beyond them, unhappy teachers who find themselves teaching a class with a range of ability levels from basic to graduate and consequently exam grade and pass levels on the decline. Accountancy is not just about numbering, it is a key component of business life, that's why a February 30 date is not just a little mistake, a wrong date, a wrong time a wrong percentage can cost businesses lots of money. You can learn from life experiences, too, so do not underestimate the jobs your mother is doing if you can increase the family income by getting a retail job or in manufacturing go do it.

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  • John
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    This answer is in the brutally honest category, so be careful to read all of it in order to get the correct context.  

    I'm hoping you are just trolling YA with this scenario.  If you are not a troll, however, I strongly advise that you seek some counseling or other therapy.  Many of the events, emotions, and circumstances you describe seem to be internally sourced.  Questions from students who spent far too long in college due to emotional problems are not uncommon in this forum.  If you need to stay away from college for a while for treatment, do so.  Get healthy first, then you can return to academics.

    Many colleges do offer such health services to students.  If your school does not, look off campus for some help.

  • 1 month ago

    Really "all" your profs? Yet you cite only one case in one course where you were humiliated. Were all your profs there in that one course?

    I think you're venting due to one prof doing one thing in one class.  I also think you are a poor student who's trying to blame everyone but yourself for your bad grades.

    You need to shape up and reassess why you're in college in the first place.  It isn't for everyone.

    Source(s): Adjunct faculty member in several universities.
  • Eva
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You've made this statement before. It's not really a question, but if you consider 75 to 85 good marks, you're very much mistaken. Good would be 90 and above, consistently. Accounting may not be for you.

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