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I’m a 23 year old guy and I’m not good at having sex yet? It’s embarrassing?

So I’m a 23 year old guy and I have a girlfriend who I love very much..we have been together for a little over 3 months and it’s going great..btw she is my first girlfriend. Anyways, before I met her I was a virgin, and she was okay with it when I told her i never had sex before. Since we’ve been together, we have hardly had sex due to me not knowing what to do, like for example..penetrating inside of her and I also can’t stay on erection for a while, we only have done it twice and those both didn’t last long. Anyways I need advice, I always hear my friends talk about chow they girlfriends love having sex with them because they’re good at it. Is it embarrassing or what? I need help

2 Answers

  • first of all, people lie about sex, so don't believe your friends.

    focus on making your girlfriend feel good.  Read about how to make a woman feel good, and ask her " do you like this?".  Relax her, kiss her and take things slow and gentle.  It takes time and practice to be great at anything.  You are learning.  Don't use negative words toward yourself.  You are not bad, you will gain experience and confidence as you go along.  

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  • Tom
    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    Don't you believe God is meaning to tell you to:

    "Quit until you're married?"

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