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Can’t tell if she likes me? ?

I began working with a teacher in the summer time as a tutor and I help students with during class. I was requested by her to my boss to see if we can work together. the students say how when I’m not there she is frustrated, gets angered quickly and is less talkative. When I’m there, she is a bit less angry, is more chatty, jokes around and is a bit more of herself. during my first day back she told me she was wondering where I was at all day but it didn’t click. We talk sometimes but barely bc we are teaching other groups. I make her laugh a lot. Our personalities are similar. I help her with grading, picking up the classroom and deal with the difficult students for her. There were many instances where we compliment each other and say how we are the perfect team. We broke the “touch barrier” last week when I extended my arms for a hug and she squeezed my back as I wrapped my arms around her waist for some time. The other times were just side hugs bc I had to leave. I didn’t get her anything for Valentine’s Day bc I don’t know if it’ll be unprofessional and don’t want to ruin the contract the school has with the company I work for. There is this school security cop she seems to hang out with but he’s a bit creepy Bc he is always going to the classroom and standing beside her waiting, even if she’s with a student or not.I can’t tell if she likes him and me at the same time or like the attention he gives her because he truly is a try hard.


If it matters, I’m a cancer guy and she’s a Scorpio girl.

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